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Team Head-Electrical

Job Id:  5513

Dahej, Gujarat, India

Department:  ENGINEERING
Function:  SCM
Employee Type:  Permanent Full Time
Seniority Level:  Mid-Senior level
1 Operations
  1.1 Manage & keep up to date 66KV switchyard & 11KV Substatons for the availibity of electrical supply from GEB & Power plant
1.2 Manage and keep up to date Emergency power supply equipments (e.g. DG Set, EPCC & EMCC)
1.3 Manage and keep up to date Transformer Rectifier system
1.4 Ensure & Manage availibity of all plant HT & LT substations with latest starndards
1.5 Plan and Organise to ensure PM Compliances for 66KV Switchyard , 11KV Main substations & plant HT substations
1.6 Lead to ensure to complete all the statutory Compliances on time
1.7 Face  internal & external audits

In order to ensure smooth working of Electrical
2 Cost
  2.1 Organise and Manage to complete One Time Capexes within time and as per budget
2.2 Organise and Manage to complete CPCB/GPCB related capex on time
2.3 Lead and Support in Energy Conservation projects

To ensure Electrical and Instrumenatation operations as per budget
3 People Development
  3.1 To Train people on Relay operations for 66KV & 11KV
3.2 To train people for HT & LT Breaker maintenance
3.3 To train technicians on VFD Operations & Troubleshooting
3.3 Develop Second line for Electrical and Instrumentation with all required trainings

To improve Skill Matrics of department
4 Safety and Housekeeping
  4.1 To ensure managing of Electrical operations without any safety incidents
4.2 To Maintain 3S in Electrical HT & LT substations
4.3 To support for 2S in Engg stores &  1S Scrap Yard
4.4 To ensure 100% complainces against internal & external safety audit
4.5 To ensure & maintain LOTO procedures
4.6  Plan & manage all protection system avaialble up to date & ensure periodical testing for same
4.7 To ensure resources avaialble to support 5S drive at plant area

To maintain Safety Houskeeping standards
5 Special Projects
  5.1 Lead to complete all special projects assigned by management for Electrical
5.2 Identify & Implement KAIZEN & POKEYOKE
5.3 Vendor / Contractor development
5.4  Ensure complainces agaisnt SAP (Notifications , RGP , Maint Orders)

To ensure completion of all special projects