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Laboratory Biologist and Formulation Technical Support

Job Id:  1332

Hangzhou Lab, Zhejiang, China

Department:  R&D Technical Management - Technical Sales Support
Function:  Regulatory, Research and Development
Employee Type:  Permanent Full Time
Seniority Level:  Associate

Formulation Technical Support -  70%

  1. Work with global team for modification of formulations and new formulation development. 和总部制剂团队一起,对已有剂型做一些微调,或开发新制型。
  2. Providing technical support to UPL China commercial team and toll manufactures, on repacking imported productssuch as compatibility tests for packaging materials. 为进口产品在国内分装提供相关技术支持。如包材测试,分装指导等。
  3. Resolution of products quality issues. 协助解决产品质量问题。
  4. Product storage stability tests. 储藏稳定性测试。
  5. Draft product standard and introduction for registration team. 为登记部门提供产品标准和编制说明。

Laboratory Biologist – 30%

  1. Application study for Seed Treatment products. 种衣剂产品包衣质量(均匀度,脱落率等)测试
  2. Seed germination test. 不同品种种子发芽率测试
  3. Seeds safety of Seed Treatment products. 种衣剂产品对不同品种种子安全性测试
  4. Seeds storage safety test. 不同品种种子储存安全性测试
  5. Sample management. 试验样品管理