Plant Manager

Job Id:  7417

Hereford, Texas, United States

Function:  SCM
Employee Type:  Permanent Full Time
Seniority Level:  Not Applicable

Advanta is a global seed business adapting to rapidly increasing food insecurity and climate change by providing farmers with innovation and new technologies. As part of UPL Group, Advanta aims to deliver high quality seeds with excellent agronomic practices and crop protection solutions. Advanta operates in over 80 countries under global brands of Advanta, Alta and Pacific Seeds. Advanta holds a leadership position in tropical and sub-tropical geographies in corn, grain and forage sorghum, sunflower, canola, rice, and a variety of vegetables. With over 60 years' experience in plant genetics, Advanta provides seeds technology that ensures crop performance and farmers prosperity.

Advanta is one of the global leaders in Field Crops and Vegetable seeds. Advanta has the world class research, development, production, processing, and commercial teams. To Augment the Regional growth plans, we are exploring professional candidatures for Plant Operations Manager role. This position will be based in Hereford. For this critical role, we are seeking a Results-driven, forward-looking, market-savvy Seed Plant Operations Manager who  has exposure into Sorghum & corn crops field production and processing.

Advanta identified large acreage crops like Corn, Rice, sunflower, sorghum, canola as its core crops, and has leadership positions in various geographies for these crops. Advanta is part of UPL Ltd., a larger Agri Input organization with global crop protection operations. Revenues are increasing rapidly through both acquisitions and organic growth. Direct operations are in place on eight continents and the Company exports to more than two dozen countries.

Advanta is currently spending around 10% of revenues on R&D. The Company wants to invest more and make its current and future R&D efforts more productive and expand in various seeds. The organization actively licenses germplasm, traits, and technologies from other organizations and has activities throughout the entire technology range from traditional breeding to leading edge biotechnologies. R&D efforts and expenditures are much more heavily weighted toward product development than basic research.



Responsibilities include but are not limited to oversee all aspect of receiving bulk seed, drying, storage and conditioning, treating, packaging, re-bagging,warehouse operations, and logistics. Working with the direction of business development head to ensure all processes are conducted in a safe and cost-effective manner with continous improvement. Has direct responsibilities for all activities that occur within the production location.

Key Position responsibilities

  • Hires and supervises temporary & Seasonal employees
  • Provides daily work schedule of full-time employees in all areas
  • Ensures safe work environment and implements company safety programs
  • Ensure work orders are completed on time and within budget
  • Ensure that production crew is trained and in compliance with federal, state, and company regulations to ensure work is completed in a safe manner and to avoid work related accidents
  • Ensure production crew is trained on proper use and handling of chemicals
  • Interview, hire, evaluate performance, and administer disciplinary actions for production crew personnel
  • Oversight of employee and food safety programs
  • Achievement of productivity, efficiency, customer service, cost, quality, safety and employee engagement objectives
  • Confer with management personnel to establish processing and quality control standards, to develop budget and cost controls, and to obtain data regarding types, quantities, specifications, and delivery dates of products ordered
  • Plan and direct processing activities and establishes processing priorities for products in keeping with effective operations and cost factors
  • Coordinate processing activities with procurement, maintenance, and quality control activities to obtain optimum processing and utilization of human resources, machines, and equipment
  • Revise processing schedules and priorities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for optimized plant efficiencies
  • Consult with engineering personnel relative to modification of machines and equipment in order to improve processing and quality of products


Collaboration/Team Buiding:

    • Keep the team informed of targets and goals and progress within these areasBuild effective working relationships with relevant functions such as Commercial team, Finance, HR, R&D and other functions etc.
    • Mentor and Coach the team leads


Desirable Qualities:

  • A bachelor’s degree in agricultural business, food science, plant science, is  preferred
  • 5+ years’ experience in seed production, processing environment, or agricultural manufacturing


  • Knowledge and understanding of seed processing  of corn sorghum.


  • A strong leadership profile and the ability to create and maintain an environment where people are motivated and inspired to succeed and achieve ambitious targets in a challenging environment.


  • Excellent coaching skills for contractors
  • Environmental health and safety experience.


  • A history of improving efficiency and cost effectiveness.


  • Sound judgment, high intelligence, and ample common sense.


  • A high level of integrity and character and the ability to generate trust with all the stakeholders


  • An assertive, proactive, innovative, creative personality with the high physical and intellectual energy necessary to achieve success, whilst showing confidence.


  • Outstanding listening and communication skills


  • Bi-lingual communication appreciated



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